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Former Member
Mar 01, 2010 at 06:44 AM

Control Break At end of not working


I have the following code, but the control break statement is not behaving as expected.

The at end of functionality is not working here. can you please giv me a lead why this is happening.

  LOOP AT gt_withitem INTO wa_withitem.

    g_tottds = wa_withitem-wt_qsshb + g_tottds.
    g_taxtyp = wa_withitem-qscod.
    g_bankl  = wa_withitem-bankl.
    g_chlndt = wa_withitem-j_1iintchdt.
    g_chln   = wa_withitem-j_1iextchln.
    g_tdsded = 'YES'.

    AT END OF j_1iextchln.
      MOVE : g_tottds TO wa_etds-tottds,
             g_taxtyp TO wa_etds-qscod,
             g_bankl  TO wa_etds-bankl,
             g_chlndt TO wa_etds-j_1iintchdt,
             g_chln   TO wa_etds-j_1iextchln,
             g_tdsded TO wa_etds-wthtdsdep.
      APPEND wa_etds  TO gt_etds.
      CLEAR : wa_etds, g_tottds, g_taxtyp, g_bankl, g_chlndt, g_chln, g_tdsded.
   CLEAR wa_withitem.