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Mar 01, 2010 at 05:12 AM

How should I implement a bar code scanner to post AR documents paid?


The company that I am working is looking for a way to ensure that correct invoices and credits are selected for when an incoming payment is processed. This is particularly useful for the company as for each month a customer pays for 400 individually billed stores. I was thinking of using a barcode based on the invoice and credit numbers. The credit and invoices are uniquely number and will not over lap with each other. Is there a feature in business one that when a bar code scanner is connected to a pc, it will select that particular document? I don't mind making a add-in in, C#, C++, or java. Just need a frame of reference. Also what barcode scanner will be ideal. The company is located in canada so the scanner should be able to be covered under warranty.

Thanks in advance,