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Capacity Leveling: impossible to shift operation with suboperations with dispatching functions


i am not able to use properly CM21 transaction in the following situation:

Production orders contain one operation with 3 suboperations.

Scheduling is done at operation level but capacity requirements are set up at suboperation level.

Operation 10 has work Center CB_BY2 (Capacity type 001 and 002 (pooled capacity))

Suboperations 11, 12, 13 have got CB_BY270, CB_BY271, CB_BY272 work centers. (Capacity type 001 and 002 (pooled capacity))

When doing capacity leveling in CM21, it is not possible to dispatch and postpone automatically suboperations (and therefore reschedule main operation) if the capacity of CB_BY270, CB_BY271, CB_BY272 is already occupied (capacity 001 and 002).

I can do it manually via drag and drop functions (from the Order pool to the Ressource part of the screen) but not via Dispatching functions.

How to achieve an automatic dispatching with correct operation shift and rescheduling?

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