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Feb 28, 2010 at 06:19 AM

an error about form pool during local client copy


Dear sir:

I have a problem during local client copy, I want to copy a new client 666 from my800 client. Finally,the client copy ended with an error:

Form pool GBTP0FI0 already exists

Postprocessing necessary when upgrade has been completed

Validation/substitution: Programs should be regenerated

Form pool GBTP0FI0 already exists

Message no. GB092


The system attempted to generate a form pool that is to be called by validations, substitutions, and rules during runtime. However, a form pool already exists under this name and with different attributes.

System response

The system does not generate the form pool.


Check whether the existing form pool may be replaced with the new form pool. The attributes must be changed manually.

You can overwrite the attributes of all programs used by validations, substitutions, and rules during runtime:

Overwrite attributes for all programs automatically

then , developers say they can not find their customizing programs in client 666.

I have read note:8730 which say :ABAP source code has to be generated. If this is not done, the validations/substitutions/rules may behave differently in the target system compared to the test system. In the worst case, the source code may not exist at all and run-time errors could occur

I think this form pool error caused abap source code have not generated.

Do you have some experience about this case, Could you give me some advices. thanks a lot.