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Dec 13, 2018 at 11:55 PM

SAP ByDesign Cloud Application Studio - Fixed Assets Upload Custom Development



I am trying to build a fixed asset uploader template for the following fields, I have a SDK solution to create a new Fixed Asset but the client wants to update data on the acquisition screen of the new fixed asset as well. I am unable to achieve this as I am not able to find a way to access acquisition fields from SDK absl code after creating the new fixed asset. My queries are:

1. Should I 'post' the newly created fixed asset to access the acquisition (journal entry voucher) fields? If yes, could you please let me know how can I do this posting from SDK code?

2. If posting is not required, how can I access acquisition fields of the new fixed asset?

SAP screen Field Names

Acquisition Description

Acquisition Transaction Currency Amount

Acquisition Currency

Acquisition Account

Acquisition Cost Object Type

Acquisition Project Task

Acquisition Document Date

Acquisition Document Date

Acquisition Posting Date

Thanks in advance,

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