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Feb 27, 2010 at 11:20 AM

Importing Reports (rpt files) B1 8.8


Hi all,

I read in the "How to Work with Crystal Reports in SAP Business One" (for SAP B1 8.8) about the ability to import Crystal reports Files through SDK.

I understand how to build report with Crystal reports and Iu2019m able to successfully import the reports in SAP using Report and Layout Manager, in the SAP GUI.

With that interface:

1. I can import rpt files as single report (not as report layout).

2. I can also assign an addon menu to the report.

How can I do this tasks through SDK? I would like to add reports importing in the addon setup, and so I need to the above tasks through code.

SDK documentation, in ReportLayoutsService.AddReportLayout says:

"For Crystal reports, use this method to add a report (as a standalone report or as a report layout) by setting the fields Name, TypeCode, Author and Category of the ReportLayout object. Set Category to Crystal Reports and set TypeCode to either RCRI (for standalone Crystal reports) or a document type (for Crystal reports used as report layouts)."

So it seems that I can import report, but I donu2019t understand how. I didnu2019t find and example with a report import.

The only example I found was ReportService in the SDK samples, but it creates a new layout without importing files.

In particular I didnu2019t find any property/method of the ReportLayout object for store report file or report file path.

What Am I missing?

Best Regards