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In HANA database, use the DS tool for data cleaning, suddenly, all the memory usage by 50 g to 450 g, and later due to insufficient memory allocation, the library data is unloaded from memory, but the capacity of the object table together, a total of 92 g, if according to the calculation method of SAP official Sizing, only 92 g of computing space, but the calculation of actual space several times, don't understand why is this?Master please help support it, thanks. Table Size "SLTERP"."BKPF" 1.9G "SLTERP"."BSEG" 90G "SLTERP"."SKA1" 17M SQL statement select BUKRS,GJAHR,MONAT,BUDAT,HKONT,KOSTL,PRCTR,AUFNR,PSWSL,WAERS,KURSF,BKTXT,sum(DMBTR) as DMBTR from ( select distinct BELNR,BUKRS,GJAHR,BUZEI,MONAT,BUDAT,HKONT,PRCTR,PSWSL,WAERS,KURSF, trim(KOSTL) as "KOSTL",trim(AUFNR) as "AUFNR",BKTXT,DMBTR as "DMBTR1",DMBT2 as "DMBTR2", (case when BUKRS='TW04' then DMBT2 else DMBTR end) as DMBTR from (select b.BELNR,a.BUKRS,a.GJAHR,b.BUZEI,a.MONAT,a.BUDAT,b.HKONT,b.PRCTR,b.PSWSL,a.WAERS,a.KURSF,b.KOSTL,b.AUFNR,a.BKTXT,b.DMBE2, (case when "KTOKS"='E' and "SHKZG"='S' then b.DMBTR when "KTOKS"='E' and "SHKZG"='H' then 0-b.DMBTR when "KTOKS"='I' and "SHKZG"='S' then 0-b.DMBTR when "KTOKS"='I' and "SHKZG"='H' then b.DMBTR else b.DMBTR end) DMBTR, (case when "KTOKS"='E' and "SHKZG"='S' then b.DMBE2 when "KTOKS"='E' and "SHKZG"='H' then 0-b.DMBE2 when "KTOKS"='I' and "SHKZG"='S' then 0-b.DMBE2 when "KTOKS"='I' and "SHKZG"='H' then b.DMBE2 else b.DMBE2 end) DMBT2 from "SLTERP"."BKPF" a, "SLTERP"."BSEG" PARTITION(6) b, "SLTERP"."SKA1" c where a.belnr=b.belnr and a.bukrs=b.bukrs and a.gjahr=b.gjahr and b.hkont=c.saknr and a.budat>='20160401' ) ) group by BUKRS,GJAHR,MONAT,BUDAT,HKONT,KOSTL,PRCTR,AUFNR,PSWSL,WAERS,KURSF,BKTXT

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