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Feb 27, 2010 at 12:07 AM

Problem in filtering a value in BEx after migrating to version 7.0


Hi Everyone,

We have a workbook using a characteristic A compounded to another,say B. We have recently upgraded to 7.0 version.

In 3.5 version BEx workbook, when choosing a filter, we could directly give Value of A and select, whereas in 7.0 version, when try to filter by giving Value of A, it is throwing a message: not found in master data. But, if we give Value of B/Value of A, we could select filter value.

In 3.5 version the filter values appear in the form Value of B/Value of A, but Value of A alone is enough to filter, whereas in new version, we have to enter Value of B/Value of A.

Could somebody help, how to avoid entering Value of B when filtering Value of A. Any help is highly appreciated.