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Dec 13, 2018 at 10:36 AM

Urgent Change in Phase Cycle in SolMan 7.2


Hello everybody!

I've fetched with rather interesting situation. We run 5-system dual track landscape on SAP SM 7.1 during many years. So for using ChaRM on it we use (for simplicity) one Maintenance project (SMMM cycle) for 3 system of maintenance LC and one Implementation project (SMDV cycle) for 5 system. As a result of upgrade to 7.2 as we all know old cycles recreated as:

SMMM -> SMAI (continual cycle)

SMDV -> SMIM (phase cycle)

And problem is that in new 7.2 phase cycles allow Urgent changes processing in it. And as e result now systems allows to create UC in SMIM in development/implementation landscape! So as it seems to me there is not correspond to charm approach: "process UC only in maintenance landscape - the shorter route to production"

So may be anybody can propose how to restrict this in case of dual track landscape?