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Feb 26, 2010 at 04:15 PM

KR Reference Field coming from Earmarked Fund


Hi Experts,

We have distributed our data entry of non PO related invoices out to end users. They data enter and park the invoice. Then Central AP uses their workflow inbox (SBWP) to view and "approve" the document to post it.

This works great EXCEPT when the invoice is charged to an Earmarked Fund (specifially a funds commitment), AP gets an error that "For document type KR, an entry is required on field Reference number" XBLNR is filled in with the Vendor's invoice number on the parked document, but we are told by SAP, that it is our config that is causing the issue.

On the funds commitment (fmz3), we can view that on the Header of the commitment that we have always left the field REFERENCE blank. We did configure under Earmarked Funds and Funds Transfers\Define Rules for account assignment, that the Reference Document Number is Active, but this allows us to fill in field REFBN in other areas for reporting.

When we just post an invoice FB60, we've never had a problem with the funds commitment's REFERENCE field conflicting with the Invoice's Reference field. When I do enter something on the REFERENCE field of the funds commitment, it OVERWRITES what the invoice had in the reference field when we do the Park then POST using workflow (uses FBV0 funcitonality). It does not overwrite it though when I just post using FB60 or FV60.

SAP has stated that they intentially designed their programs differently which is why they behave differently.

So does anyone have any suggestions on how to get the parked document to post BUT to keep the Vendor's Invoice number in the Reference field? Instead of it being overwritten from the Funds Commitment?

Would appreciate your guidance,