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Former Member
Feb 26, 2010 at 02:12 PM

PO text copied to other PO's


Hi guys,

So i have another issue that does not make any sense to me.. may be you can help.

In the past I added Item Text to a purchase order . . . text to be specific for this one particular order only.

Today, this showed up as Purchase Order Text for this part number when it was ordered again. The special text that I had entered in the Item Text does not pertain to this current order. And the reason is because the text was copied to "Purchase order text" in the purchasing info record. So now every time i create the PO for this particular item text will be copied from PIR to PO which of course i removed it to avoid this problem in the future but i am seeing this problem often that we enter "Item text" into PO it transferred to PIR , I wonder why is that and how do i avoid transferring the item text from PO to PIR.

I appreciate any help!