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Feb 26, 2010 at 02:02 PM

decimal to Char - converts the decinmal value to ##


Hi Guys,

field symbol: <new_entry> type standard table.

data: i_temp type table of BAPIXMSPOW .

I have created a field symbol which stores the table entries. When the user tries to maitain any table i am tracking the changes made into the filed symbol. The field symbol is a dynamic structure based on the table entered by the user.

I am passing the records in filed symbols to another table ( i_temp ) of type BAPIXMSPOW ( char 4096 ).

Dump occurs when a decimal value is encountered in the field symbol, the value for decimal field in the field symbol is taken as #.

For eg if the field in the field symbol is 2.12 then while assigning it to i_temp SAp CONVERTS IT TO ###, hence dump.

Can you please let me now if their is any other alternative.

I am passing this i_temp table to an RFC from the program. As this is a dynamic structure i cant define a constant table structure in the RFC hence declared i_temp with 4096 char ( which has a specific reason as well).

Also, RFC requires a refrence for any of the table mentioned in the input output paramenter which is not the case with the normal function module. hence had to declare a refrence i.e BAPIXMSPOW in our case.

Is their any alternative where we can dynamically refer the table entered by user directly in the RFC.