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Feb 26, 2010 at 09:57 AM

Query to update per UDT Row



I have created a UDT with the GL Accounts from the COA defined under the Code column and inputted multiple Monthly UDF columns, now these columns that were created as UDF's are called Actual "per month", this Actual UDF needs to pull through all Service AR Invoices Row Totals based on GL Account and Project for the month, so I thought of using the JDT1 Table (as I can do a SUM on Credit Amount and minus this off if there is a Credit in the month by SUM Debit) as this will have both GL Accounts and Project Code but also on the basis a Invoice & Credit note can be taken into consideration.

I am having issues with the query to update the GL Accounts Actual Columns per row in the UDT, I thought of using a Update query in a Stored Procedure called "SBO_SP_TransactionNotification" but this just overwrites the last update with the new one as I have to have this query to update per GL Account Code.

Does anyone know of a query that can help me make this work, especially creating an update query within the Stored Procedure to update the UDT Actual column per row (as this information will be needed for reporting purposes).

Yours Sincerely

Kurt Walters