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Dec 17, 2018 at 03:49 PM

Serial Number Selection: Number of available serial numbers exceeds display limits


This is SAP B1 9.20.200. Using the DI API Goods Receipts object, I received 11,616 units of a specific item with unique serial numbers. These items need to be split among 3 deliveries with quantities 900, 5,340 and 5,376. After copying a Sales Order to Delivery, I select Add. The Serial Number Selection window opens although no serial numbers are listed. In the first row is the text "Number of available serial numbers exceeds display limits; use "Filter" field". I right-click on the Filter field and select Filter Table then Available Serial Numbers. The filter table opens, I select the criteria for filtering and click Filter. The Filter Table window is still open although the text in the firs row of the Serial Number Selection table goes away. I then click OK on the Filter Table and the table closes. Serial Numbers are still not being populated in the selection table. This appears to be related to the fact that I have more than 10,000 rows of the same item with serial numbers that are not yet issues. Even if the Serial Number Select table cannot hold more than 10,000 rows, I would expect filtering to lower the number of results and show the rows in the table.

I created Good Receipts in my test database in the same manner except that I loaded the goods receipts in three different runs and created the delivery for the order before loading the goods receipts to supply the next order. I was able to view and assign serial numbers for 3 different orders with the quantities mention above. If anyone has experienced this, your assistance would be appreciated.