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Feb 26, 2010 at 09:16 AM

Best way to trigger production/planned order update from the sales order


Hi gurus,

Due to big changes in the way some products are built, the Business team here would like to work like this :

In the sales order, create the first item line with the "core" material, and then create as many lines for "accessories" or "options".

In the end, they would like to have one production order with the components of the "core" product and the "accessories" materials.

From now now, they use strategy 82 for their "core" products because they also want to be able to sell these products alone and have triggered automatic generation of the production order when entering it at sales order item.

So my idea would be to create a new item category for "accessories" that I would call ZACC for exemple, that would not generate requirements at item level for these lines.

Then, I would like to triger the update of the production order when saving the sales order to update the list of component with accesories material. It would then give the list of all the things that should be assembled in the final product for this sales order.

I have found that the BAPI "BAPI_ALM_ORDER_MAINTAIN" is able to update correctly the production order (already tested and working great) but my question would be to implement it the best way possible in one of the user-exit of the sales order.

Someone has an idea of how to do that ?