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Feb 26, 2010 at 07:45 AM

When I Refresh query want to get default value as sysdate in prompt


Hi All,

I have Below Prompt-Condition in my universe as follows:

@Select(A Drv(reconid)\End Date Time)<=add_months(to_date(@Prompt('Enter Date YYYYMM',,,,),'yyyy-mm'),1)


@Select(A Drv(reconid)\End Date Time)>=add_months(to_date(@Prompt('Enter Date YYYYMM',,,,),'yyyy-mm'),-12)

and I have Sysdate also in to_char(sysdate,'YYYYMM') for this.

Now i want to get default value as sysdate in prompt every time i refresh the query?

Note: Oracle 10 DB we are using and This report is on Webintelligence.

When I Tried bellow got an error:

@Select(Derived Table\Recon Date)<=add_months(to_date(@Prompt('Enter recon Date YYYYMM','A','@Select(Derived Table\SYS1)',mono,free),'yyyy-mm'),1)


@Select(Derived Table\Recon Date) >=add_months(to_date(@Prompt('Enter Recon Date YYYYMM','A','@Select(Derived Table\SYS1)',mono,free),'yyyy-mm'),-12)

Thanks in Advance!