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Feb 26, 2010 at 06:44 AM

Dispute Management landscape / FI-AR and Sales Info


Hi all,

we have implemented Dispute Management (DM) a while ago on a ERP6 system. In this system, let's call it system 1, we have the accounting and also logistics.

When creating dispute cases we catch the responsible person from a specific partner role in the sales order (if available).

Now we need to. attach a second system, which has logistics. Accounting will be done from system 1 (and mirrored through ALE into system 2).

Would it be possible to have Dispute Management in system 1 and get Sales Order responsible from system2? Has anyone had a similar situation and found a solution to this? What would need to be done?

What are the options we would have to get a good solution to this?

Thanks in advance