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Dec 17, 2018 at 03:20 AM

Cost Centers not visible in BEx queries but exists in DSO(Planning Mode).


Hi Experts,

Am using BEx query as source in APD to load data into DSO which is created in planning mode. DSO has 0costcenter as one of the infoobjects. When I load data for controlling area 'FACS' it loads data and is displayed in BEx query results created on DSO. But when you create another APD to load records of controlling area 'NQSC' it loads data into DSO and are visible but when I run BEx query on that DSO it returns 0 records. I have been breaking my head since two days but no luck. am I missing any update step. Please note that FACS and NQSC are two different hierarchies nodes on 0cost centre with FACS and NQS controlling area.

Any help will be much appreciated.