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Former Member
Feb 25, 2010 at 07:18 PM

MDIS - Unmapped field values not mapping automatically


We are using MDM 5.5 SP6. The file format is XML schema and using the XSD.

For Default MDIS Handling:

Automap unmapped values: Yes

Unmapped value handling: Add

One of our test environment, MDIS is was NOT picking the files for loading and the port status was showing file is in the ready folder. When restarted all the servers then MDIS picked up this file but there are exceptions and the file is in the exception folder. When we looked this by using the import manager, we noticed some of the field values are not mapped and these fields are flat lookup fields and lookup table has values. Once these field values are mapped, I am able to load this file by using the import Manager.

According to the MDIS configuration, Automap unmapped value = Yes & Unmapped value handling = Add. In this case, lookup table has the values but it is not mapping automatically when using the MDIS.

This environment was working fine until recently but no activity happened the last few months. But nothing changed also.

Any one experience this issue?. What could be the reason?.