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Feb 25, 2010 at 06:35 PM

vendor email for PO and payment advice


Hi Gurus,

Can anybody please throw some light on this scenario? We want to get started with emailing the PO's to vendor functionality. The settings are all done and everything is looking good to be implemented. But we have a situation, where the accounting department (as of today) is sending emails about the payment to the vendor (PI vendor). Now if we look at the following cases

case 1: VN is 3XXXX and PI 4XXXXXX linked on the vendor master of 3XXXXX. If we want to send the PO via email to VN, we just need to maintain the email address on the 3XXXXX vendor master and when the payment is processed (F110), the email about the payment will use the email address from the 4XXX vendor master. This case is working fine without any problem.

Case 2: VN is 3XXXX and PI is also 3XXXXX. (The exact same number) Then how will we deal with this case? because now the challenge is to maintain two email addresses on the vendor master (one for purchasing and one for accounintg). But on the vendor master, only one email address can be selected using a radio button to be used as default. Now how can we ensure that the PO gets sent to the proper email address of the vendor and when the payment gets processed how can we ensure that it will only send the email to the concerned email address and not the other.

we have the custom program that kicks in after the F110 is processed to pick up the email addresses of the PI partner role vendor to intimate them about the payment.