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Feb 25, 2010 at 03:19 PM

Live Office Refresh All Objects error - Web Intelligence Rich Client


Dear... We are having the following error. I have documented the procedure we made so you can follow. Please note that OLAP server's operating system is Windows 2008 SP2. Microsoft Analysis Services is 2000 Enterprise SP4. BO Server Operating System is Windows 2008 SP2, BO XI 3.1. Live Office 3.1.

1. Start. All Programs. Business Objects Enterprise. Click on Designer.

2. On User Identification window. System field is dubapp8. Administrator on User Name field and Password is blank. Hit OK.

3. Click Cancel.

4. Click File on Menu Bar and click New. Click on New tab in Universe Parameters window and click Next.

5. Expand Microsoft. Expand MS Analysis Services 2000. Click on OLE DB for OLAP providers. Connection Type is Secured and Connection Name is Test. Click Next.

6. Authentication Mode select the first option which is Use Business Objects credential mapping and Server put dubapp10 (OLAP Server). Click Next.

7. Expand OLAP Cubes. Expand Sales. Click Weekly Sales (Weekly Sales) and click on Next.

8. Click Finish.

9. Click OK.

10. Open Web Intelligence Rich Client. Note: This is running on BO Server (dubapp8).

11. Username is administrator and password is blank. Click Log on.

12. File. New. Universe. Click Next.

13. Select BOOLAP. Click OK.

14. Results Objects there will be Week, Timeflow Name and Dynamic Measures. Query filters there will be Year, Company Name, and Country Name. All these three select equal to and prompt. Click on Run Query.

15. Measures put Sales. Enter Year 2010. Company Name: KFC Country Name: Bahrain. Run Query.

16. Go to file Export to CMS

17. Select the Path to Export

18. Come to Client Machine where have BO XI 3.1 and Live Office 3.1

19. Open Excel. Click Live Office Click Options.

20. Note: this is the Web Services URL. http://dubapp8:8080/dswsbobje/services/session Click on Log on. Click OK.

21. Click OK.Click on Live Office and select Insert. Click on Web Intelligence Content.

22. Follow the screenshot and Click Next.

23. Select the produced report. Click Next.

24. Click Finish.

25. Click Live Office select Refresh All objects.

26. Click Yes.

27. This is the error we got.

28. Failed to get the document information. (LO 26315) A database error occurred. The database error text is: Failed to set properties (The component Microsoft OLE DB Provide for analysis services returned server error (Database u2018Salesu2019 does not exist)). (WIS 10901)(6315).

Please give us feedback soon as you can. Thank you.