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Feb 25, 2010 at 12:17 PM

File Content Conversion for complex structure



I have a requirement to repeat a structure consisting of three lines i.e the segment containing these 3 lines will have occurrence 0....unbounded and will be repeated in the File multiple times ,

What is the level that can be handled in File Content Conversion's recordset structure ?

My issue is that the structure is

Dt_File -> Repeating Level1->Level2 ->Field1


-> Level2b->Field5

where the first level is DT_File

under which I have RepeatingLevel1 as a SubElement

and under Repeating level I have Level2 , Level2a and Level2b at its subelementsl

and under Level2 I have Field1 , Under Level2a i have Field3 and under Levle 2b i have Field5

How do i handle this in the Content Conversion ?? as in how do I create my Recordset Structure ?? as it just handles one level below the Document Name (i,e) Message Type)

Is it possible ??? or should i consider some other way to constuct my data type ??