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Feb 25, 2010 at 09:36 AM

How to delete DTP Delta initilization ?


Hi All,

Can you help me to understand - How to delete delta init ?

Scenario - There are two ODS viz A - Base Level Source is R/3 & B - Transformation Layer ODS which gets supply from ODS A.

A DTP Delta is running from A to B.

Due to some inconsistancy in ODS A, I need to do some correction in ODS A through some full load from source R/3. These full load in ODS A will generate delta for ODS B.

But I donot want to move correction changes ( generated as delta ) from ODS A to ODS B.

As there is already delta running between ODS A to B , to achieve this ( not to move delta generated in ODS A due to repair request to ODS B) I can think of Deletetion of existing Delta init DTP from ODS A to B after full load in ODS A & reinitilization from A to B without data transfer so that Delta pointer should set since last repair request in ODS A.

How can I achieve this ?

Thank you very much in advance.