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Feb 25, 2010 at 08:37 AM

BW Client Copy



I would like to clarify the following.

Objective :

We would like to copy the BW Production system's Client 900 to another BW system. ( SAP_ALL Profile )

The purpose is just to have a backup system for reference.

( only 1 user will access the system. )

Differences found between the Source and Target Systems:

1. Source Windows x64 / Target: Windows x86

2. Source : Server / Target : High End PC.

3. Source : MS SQL SERVER 2005 (patch XXX) / Target : MS SQL SERVER 2005 (patch YYY)

4. Source : ST-PI 2008_1_700 (0000) / Target : ST-PI 2005_1_700 (0006)

5. SAP_BASIS 700 ( SP15) / SAP_BASIS 700(SP15)

(Remark : All other SPs are same except ST-PI)

Important Note:

Even if some tables belong to ST-PI doesnot get copied,

it seems to be OK with the Customer as he will use the system very sparingly

especially for reference purposes.

But the system should be usable eventhough it may be inconsistent.

Keeping the above in mind, could you tell me which will work.

1. Client Export and Import.

2. Remote Client Copy.

(RFC Dictionary comparision showed 2 table inconsistency which belong to ST-PI)

3. Is there any other way to achieve this ???

Thanks & Best Regards

Raghunahth L