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Dec 14, 2018 at 03:53 AM

sequence missing issue while printing bulk deliveries units through Zebra printer

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HI SAP Experts,

We are facing a sequence missing issue while printing bulk deliveries units. These issues started recently, when we are trying to print a stack of delivery units.


1) When user is printing like 80 - 100 delivery units, The sequence is missing between delivery numbers. Ex: It is printing delivery number 30 ,1 of 5 label , then 2 of 5 label . Then it is picking delivery number 58th 7 of 7 & 6 of 7 label and then it is starting back to delivery number 30, 3 of 5 and 4 of 5. Which is causing users to spend lot of time to segregate from stack of more than 1000 labels.

It is not happening on regular basis, This is happening randomly, whenever we give more than 40 delivery units at a time.

2) We are using customized program for printing these delivery units, Which my developer confirmed that they are using SAP Standard program with customize selections options.

3) All these labels were developed using SAP SCRIPT.

Our current Printer setup and printer used: Zebra 110Xi4 203dpi

1) We are using Host spool Access method as: "S" - Using windows host spool server.

2) From SAP - It goes to Windows host spool server - from there it points to our zebra printer.

Steps taken so far to overcome this issue:

1) We have enabled process request sequentially in SPAD.

2) We have increased our CPU /Memory/Configuration in our windows spool server.

3) We have upgraded our SAP Sprint services in our windows host spool server.

4) We make sure that enforce serialization option is checked in SAP print option editor in windows spool server.

5) Currently our option for "use separate thread for job reception” is checked, as per note 1054561, we unchecked and tried, It became more disaster by slowing the prints and still we see missing sequence issue.

6) We checked with our network team, If there is any network glitch, They have confirmed that there is no issue or communication issue between SAP - Windows spool server and printer.

I have attached the document with current printer setting and SP01 screen shot when we see missing sequence issue.

It would be great help, if you can give your wise inputs.


Ratnakar Potineni


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