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Dec 13, 2018 at 07:17 PM

BOBJ 4.2 CmcAppBranding?



I am familiar with the Launchpad and OpenDoc customization processes either by using the InfoviewBranding.jar and OpenDocumentBranding.jar files from the file and deploying them, or by modifying the SAP_log_reg and css files directly under the tomcat\webapps\BOE\WEB-INF\eclipse\plugins folder with webpath.InfoView or webpath.OpenDocument then replicating that to the work directory.

I also know we can make direct changes to the plugins\webpath.CmcApp\web\css\cmcApp.css abd web\images folder to apply changes direct to the CMC and replicate them to the work folder; however, these of course are not permanent changes and are lost on a redeploy.

I know there is an CmcAppBranding jar file in the eclipse\plugins folder which looks similar to the other Branding folders, but does not seem to apply changes. Does this CmcAppBranding.jar file no longer get implemented in the system? I tried to update the sap_logo_reg.png in the jar file as well as create a css folder and add both a custom.css and even a cmcApp.css to see if it took stylesheet changes like the other ones do.

Is there a way I can utilize the branding now for the CMC? I know someone did it using the actual com.businessobjects.webpath.CmcApp.jar file but thats the entire CMC application and I would rather like to avoid that in case changes are pushed to this jar file in an update.

Thanks in advance,