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UCON activation in PROD

Hello Experts,

Currently we activated logging phase in production till December end. We are thinking about setting up final phase in production sometime in January. While brainstorming on the next steps, we came across below questions and concerns:

  • Let's say we are in final phase in production (this means logging phase is expired/completed) and after few months we upgraded our system. Assume, the upgrade brought 100 new RFMs into the system. Does these new RFMs go to logging phase or Final Phase automatically? Can they still be logged even after expiry of that phase? How does it work?
  • Assume that we are in final phase in Production and we decided with an approach of moving function modules from Dev to Prod using transport mechanism. In this scenario if we move the TR, does it append the new function modules from Dev to existing PROD RFMs list or will it overwrite DEV new RFMS with Prod RFMs? Please clarify.
  • As a recurring activity, we are thinking about placing new RFMs in final phase without CA (blacklist) in Dev and move the TR across environments till PROD. If anyone complains or raises an issue, then we will white list particular RFM (add the RFM to CA in final phase in DEV and move it to PROD). Please confirm if this approach works all the time or you see any issues.
  • While using UCONCOCKPIT we found that we need to open client to move RFM from one phase to another. Our practices do not allow to open PROD client so often. So is there any report to move RFM from one phase to another without opening the client?
  • After upgrade/activating business functions/adding vendor transports, we may get hundreds of new RFMs. It is cumbersome to review each RFM and decide whether to block or allow. Do you suggest any simple/best approach?
  • Our BI team runs replication of SAP tables with SLT user in each environment. This creates dynamic RFMS in each environment and their names are different too. Hence we cannot easily export PROD RFMS to Dev and white list in Dev. Do you suggest any best practice in this scenario?

Kindly clarify us.

Thank you in advance.

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