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Dec 13, 2018 at 02:28 PM

No linkage between SHEET_NO and SHEET_ITEM while posting invoice using BAPI_INVOICE_CREATE


We are developing a solution, where we send the PO/GRN/SES details to third party tool using BAPi_PO_GETDETAIL1 (Customized). These details are verified and sent back to SAP to post invoice using BAPI_INVOICE_CREATE (Customized).

We are facing issue in case of Services. While posting the invoice related to service, we need to pass SHEET_NO and SHEET_ITEM. The SHEET_ITEM is the Service Line item. There is no direct / Indirect linkage between SHEET_NO) (SES) and the SHEET_ITEM (Service Line item). Using SES, I get the Parent Package no. in ESLH and can further get the Sub-Package no. in ESLL. The EXTROW in ESLL field is the Service Line item.

However I do not find the link between Service Line item with the Service entry sheet. The issue mainly arises, when you have one SES against multiple service lines. Please help, if anyone has come across such issue and possible solution / logic.