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Feb 24, 2010 at 10:02 PM

OS Migrations from Winwows 2003 to 2008 Server


Hello Experts,

I wanted to know if we can Migrate our OS From windows 2003 to Windows 2008 without System copy/Database Refresh.

Here is what we have currently installed in Windows 2003 Server

OS: Windows 2003 Server


Database Oracle: 10g

SAP: ECC 6.0

Cluster: MSCS

SAN: NetApp Storage, with Snapshot from snapdrive technology

Local Drive:

C - Windows 2003 Related files

D - SAP and Oracle Executable files

Shared Drive:

E Drives - Where SAP DATAFILE resides (sapdata1...n)

F Drives - Oracle logs (mirrorlogs, origilog, sapbackup, oraarch, etc..)

S Drives - Message Server relelated files including Kernel/Global/Profile Directories

Here is our plan to migrate to windows 2008 server.

While ECC - Production running, we decided to build SAP on 2 different separate hardware with same specs, on Windows 2008 with MSCS. Then install the fresh NetWeaver/ECC system with SAME SID and build the initial Microsoft clustering for Oracle and SAP like as we did on the windows 2003 Server. Make it looks like Windows 2003 ECP except the OS from SAP and Oracle perspective.

Here is the plan.

Since it is the

- same System ID (SID)

- E, F drives are shared

With NetApp Snapdrive technology, we have an options, disconnect the E and F drive, and connect the drives on the Windows 2008 R1 New Server.

We will also copy the all the Global directory files from old server (Windows 2003) to Windows 2008 (Joblog, spool logs, etc)

Question 1:

Now my question would be, is his will be an good practice option to migrate our OS from 2003 to 2008 windows knowing the technology in hands?

Question 2:

When we install a Fresh SAP system using SAPinst, do SAP Sapinst place any Windows related settings/config automatically into the database?

Question 3:

am I missing any other key facts?

Any advice would be much appreciated.

Thanks In Advance