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Feb 24, 2010 at 09:01 PM

Hiring Manager error in MSS Recruitment Request to Fill


Does anyone have ideas about why a specific manager PERNR keeps having a Hiring Manager error in MSS Recruiting scenario for Request to Fill? On the form, the Hiring Manager is blank, but should be filled by the manager's information. This is preventing the form from being submitted. We are implementing ECC 6.0 (Release 604, level 18). It does not matter which user account this PERNR is assigned to, the error will not clear. When the user account is assigned to a different PERNR it works just fine, so it has to be specific to the PERNR. Security has confirmed that there is no problem with the user account. In ECC 5.0, we ran RE_HR_SYNC_PERSON for the PERNR to clear the error. When running the same transaction in ECC 6.0, there are no sync problems to repair, and it does not clear the error for this PERNR.

All master data appears to be correct on both OM and PA, with no overlaps in records. There is a BP, and CP for the PERNR.