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Feb 24, 2010 at 08:40 PM

Runtime issue on Linux(Working on Windows)


Hi All,

I'm working on a peace of code that generates crystal report programatically. That peace of code is working perfectly in my local environment, which is windows, Apache tomact. But when I deploy it to our development server(Linux, JBOSS) it is throwing a run time exception.

2010-02-24 15:08:17,538 http- ERROR com.businessobjects.reports.sdk.JRCCommunicationAdapter Âu2013 detected an exception: java.lang.NullPointerException


at com.crystaldecisions.reports.common.Printer.long(SourceFile:309)

at com.crystaldecisions.reports.formatter.formatter.encapsulation.c.void(SourceFile:388)

at com.crystaldecisions.reports.formatter.formatter.encapsulation.c.d(SourceFile:316)

at com.crystaldecisions.reports.formatter.formatter.encapsulation.c.j(SourceFile:135)

at com.businessobjects.reports.sdk.requesthandler.ReportViewingRequestHandler.a(SourceFile:1154)

at com.businessobjects.reports.sdk.requesthandler.ReportViewingRequestHandler.byte(SourceFile:220)


I have debugged the code and this exception is not throwed during the program execution. It happens when the viewer try to show the programatically generated ReportClientDocument using a 'CrystalReportViewer"

Code: viewer.processHttpRequest(request, response, getServletConfig().getServletContext(), pageContext.getOut());

I could send any other code, that you think would help analyze the problem better. Any help would be highly appreciated.

Thanks & Regards,


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