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Feb 24, 2010 at 04:24 PM

Help with DTP Behavior with Error Handling


Hi, We have a DTP set wtih "Valid Records Update, No Reporting (Request RED)" and I have some questions about the behavior to this setting.

I am loading from DataSource into a DSO. I have Referential Integrity set to a couple of fields in the Transformation and the DTP Load is correctly catching the Errors and putting them into the Error Stack just fine. The only problem is that once the errors occur, the loading process is halted and no further requests continue to load unless we mark the request with errors as successful(green). I have the "Get All New Data Request by Request" checkbox selected in the DTP.

This seems like a hassle having to turn the request green before loading will continue. When I 1st set this up i thought the loading continued automatically.

To get it to automatically keep loading do I just need to set the DTP Error Handling to "Valid Records Update, Reporting Possible (Request Green)? And if I do this how will I know if there were any errors in the load?

Thanks for any help with this..