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Dec 15, 2018 at 01:10 AM

We need business object events for quote BUS2202



During the time of application control framework we had the business object events to our disposal. We could look at the SWEL events and put them to our use. however, with the process control workflow, I do not see any events for RFX Response actions. Example, when a quote is submitted for a bid, i.e. a BUS2202 object is created, there is no event triggered in the system. I tried SWEC but have process control workflow implemented. It didnt work.

Please give some advice on how to create events for required actions.

Submit quote (supplier)

Save quote (supplier, purchaser, approver)

Accept quote

Approve quote

Reject quote to supplier

Reject quote in workflow

Return quote to supplier

Withdraw quote (supplier)

Delete quote (not possible)

Cancel quote (not possible)

thanks in advance, for any inputs.