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Dec 14, 2018 at 02:57 PM

Create Packaging Specification with condition records (Determination Tab)



I am trying to create new packaging specification with condition records. I used FM /SCWM/API_PACKSPEC_CREATE and pack spec is created. However When I used FM /SCWM/API_CONDITION_REPLICATE for creating condition records, I am getting following issues.

New condition record is getting created but after saving and activating pack spec only few fields are displayed in determination tab of pack spec unlike pack spec created using Tcode /scwm/packspec.

Few fields like Condition sequence, Condition table, created by, created on and usage are not getting populated in determination tab.

FM /SCWM/API_CONDITION_REPLICATE seems to be working because new condition record is getting created but few fields missed.

Am I passing insufficient data or maybe FM /SCWM/API_CONDITION_REPLICATE can be used differently?