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Feb 24, 2010 at 12:23 AM

SRM-MDM Checkin Issue


We have hundreds of catalog item records under 1 supplier that are checked out, but we cannot determine who checked them out even though we have 7 users and only one of them is really active in the system. No one under their IDs is capable of joining the checkout including a couple with Admin access. Can anyone help us determine how to either checkin these records, or delete them.

We believe the issue started after we did a "repair" on the repository due to a fatal error that wouldn't allow us to use Import Manager. Once that was done, we did a small load that consisted of both changed and new items in a checkout mode.

Once I went in to validate the load in Data Manager, I noticed all records were checked out for the supplier and I couldn't see the checked out (yellow) records for what I had just done.

We are on SRM-MDM 2.0 SP04 P01 and MDM 5.5 SP06 P03. Any suggestions/help is appreciated.