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Dec 14, 2018 at 06:43 AM

Date format in FIORI Elements List Report using Local Annotations


Hi all,

we have a OData service generated for list report in which one of the field in metadata.xml is Edm.String which is maintained as in back end which is a 8 character field as below

<Property Name="Start_date" Type="Edm.String" MaxLength="8" sap:display-format="NonNegative"/><Property Name="End_date" Type="Edm.String" MaxLength="8" sap:display-format="NonNegative"/>

This field when used as a UI DataField in local annotations as below

<Record Type="UI.DataField">
<PropertyValue Property="Value" Path="voyage_start"/>
<PropertyValue Property="Label" String="Voyage Start"/>

we are getting the format as string as below

  • Can we format the date string in Fiori list report from UI side .
  • Maintain the column width to accommodate more fields in UI as if we have more than 8 fields all the fields are displayed down .




capture.jpg (18.5 kB)