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Former Member
Feb 23, 2010 at 04:53 PM

IDOC status on 03 but not recieved on target system



We are recieving inbound idoc from external system and processing Inbound IDOC on SAP system, after processing inbound idoc on SAP we are sending status outbound idoc to external system.

The above functionality was working fine before upgradation.

after upgradation we have recreated RFC (TCP/IP) connection, updated at port level and also configured the new SAP system details ( sid, Hostname, service programsname...) on external system correctly.

Now we are recieving inbound idoc from external system on upgraded system,after processing inbound idoc details on SAP system, generating outbound idoc from SAP and it reaching the outbound prot sucessfully on 03 status with green light.

But external system is not recieving the IDOC. How to find why idoc is not reaching external system even though it is sucessfully passed at outbound port level with green light status 03.

We have also checked the SM58 for TRFC entries but we didn't identified any entries on SM58. Please help us on this issue