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Feb 23, 2010 at 06:05 AM

User exit to clear item level text note ( Purchase Order)


Dear all,

Can anyone please suggest me the appropriate user exit for the above mentioned requirement (in case of Inbound change IDoc processing)?

ZXM06O01                       Include ZXM06O01
ZXM06TOP                       Include ZXM06TOP
ZXM06U02                       Include ZXM06U02
ZXM06U15                       Include ZXM06U15
ZXM06U22                       Include ZXM06U22
ZXM06U36                       Include ZXM06U36
ZXM06U40                       Include ZXM06U40
ZXM06U41                       Include ZXM06U41
ZXM06U51                       Include ZXM06U51
ZXM06ZZZ                       Include ZXM06ZZZ



I think I am nto able to convey properly. Anyways here is the doubt I am putting in different way.

Actually I am doing change Inbound IDoc processing to delete the item level text note (for e.g. 'F02'). I manage to found one exit 'EXIT_SAPL2012_002' in the BAPI 'BAPI_PO_CHANGE' having include 'ZXMEWU09'. I am using table parameter 'POTEXTITEM' to fetch the values from the incoming IDoc and after that deleting the records in this table which corresponds to text Id 'F02'. Now problem is that even after deleting mentioned text note values, changes are reflecting in the purchase order at item level. Here is the code :

IF NOT potextitem[] IS INITIAL.

******Start of Change M003**********

  CONSTANTS: c_f08 TYPE tdid VALUE 'F02'.
  DELETE potextitem WHERE text_id = c_f08.

******End   of Change M003**********


Please suggest some solution.



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