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Feb 23, 2010 at 05:35 AM

Pricing troubles



Actually i´m trying to configure some new pricing procedures. I am having troubles with 3 new condition types that i am using for taxes. I called the condition types (ZMX3, ZMX4, ZMX5). I am using a condition table called 939 that contains the fields Country / fiscal client classification / fiscal client material. I already create condition records for each condition type, but when i create a sales document, those condition types are filled with wrong values. I already maintained the customer and the material master data, but it seems that this doesn't work. If i create a sales document with a customer and a material that applies for the condition type ZMX5 it works well, but for the others don't. If i want to create a sales docuement wit a coustomer and a material thath applies for ZMX3 or ZMX4, any condition record is found. Instead of this, the system found the condition record record for the condition type ZMX5. Somebody can tell me what can i do?

Thanks a lot