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Feb 22, 2010 at 06:33 PM

Gateway Security configuration



I have a question regarding the security configuration of the SAP-gateway with regard to the SAP online help.

[SAP online help|]

It says that there is a secinfo and a reginfo file for configuration.

Is it correct to say that the reginfo file works as the secinfo file BUT the reginfo file offers additional options such as NO (number of registrations allowed) and an ACCESS / CANCEL list for the execution and canceling of the application?

The secinfo parameters are as follows:

USER=<user>, [PWD=<pwd>,] [USER-HOST=<user_host>,] HOST=<host>,TP=<tp>;

Although the user entry is not used, you must specify it.

The secinfo parameters are:

TP=<tp> [HOST=<hostname>,...] [NO=<n>] [ACCESS=<hostname,...>] [CANCEL=<hostname,...>]

Besides the PWD parameter both seem to operate the same way...

Thank you!