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Feb 21, 2010 at 10:29 PM

return to vendors- robust process considering all scenarios



i am redesigning return to vendor process. Our FI team is facing problems in creation of credit memos. they have not done so far and hence there is lot of amount pending from vendors to us. now, they want to be involved in this process a lot.

its workign good for logistics and MM guys.

howver i want to design a process which is best for that perticualr scenarios.

rt now we create return PO whenver we return to vendors.

i got to know FI team can review from Me2l tcode and decide to raise or not.

here are my questions after some R& D of mine reg this.

1a) how can FI team know they have returns. they keep monitoring tcodes?

1) what is teh best return to vendor process when invoice has been done for initial PO.

just reverse MIGO and MIRO?

2) what is the best practise when there is no invoice yet.

3) how to read ME2L and decide whether we need to create crediot memo?

are all quantities less than zero are returns?

4) FI team wants to add additional costs like, frieght, storage, hence they r creating ret PO. can thsi be done even by just doign MIGO or some other conditions setting.

5 ) do we always get to know what original PO is ? based on batch?

6) once a ret PO is created can it be changed for extra costs from FI after its been picked and shipped? ( during Me2L step)

i have no proobs in creatign ret PO as process is workign for other teams and moreover no need to attach PO, however need to know what approach to take when. especially invoiced/ not invoiced... extraa costs/ no extra costs and original PO known/ not known, so that best process can be in place.