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Dec 11, 2018 at 02:58 AM

Texts for text node segment of custom hierarchy


Hi experts.

I have requirement where organization deparment name may change and in report user want to see that department with properly name arcording to date they chosen.

ex: Dep A have name A1 in period: 01/01/1999 ~ 30/11/2018

and name A2 in period: 01/12/2018 ~ 31/12/9999.

then if they chose date 30/11/2018, hierarchy should show A1 (for now, its always show the last name loaded to hierarchy).

I checked time-dependent for attribute and text of that infoobject (Here im using custom hierarchy load from DSO) and load data to them. Now I load data from attribute to hierarchy through expert routine, I see there is RESULT_PACKAGE4 in this routine for node text and tried to populate data to this table (debugged and see it populated) but finally text in hierarchy node still only get the last one ( A2 in above example ). idk what could be wrong here, any one could help me on this?