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Dec 10, 2018 at 10:10 AM

PP Material Availability Check: Past non-satisfied requirements are ignored


Hi gurus,

We have a situation in which the Material Availability Check is not behaving as we think it should be so we wonder whether this is the standard behaviour or something we might be overlooking.

Let me explain the scenario:

We have two production orders demanding the same raw material at different points in time.

1. Initial Situation: Raw Material Available Stock = 1PC

2. Production Order A is demading 2 PCs of Raw Material for the 1st of February

3. At this point, system is confirming 1 PC according to ATP which is fine, leaving 1 PC pending to be satisfied.

4. A material receipt for Raw Material (1 PC) is meant to happen by February 10th (via PO for example)

5. A second Production Order is demanding the same raw material by February 20th.

What does the system do when COMAC/COHV run?

First thing the system does in setting status MSPT (i.e.shortage) for production order A, which is understandable.

However, for Production order B it says everything is fine and the demanding unit is committed.


What we don't understand is why the system is comitting the available 1 PC for the second Production Orders (B) while a prior production order (A) is still waiting for the missing piece.

Is there anyway for the system to consider previous unsatisfied requirements when doing the check for Prodcution Order B? Is there anyway to alter this process here?

I hope the explanation is clear and you can provide some guidance hre.