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Can preview content in Studio but not in XSA

(Preferences) Error: {"errorCode":401,"message":"(dberror) User \"USER\" is not a Controller user (missing role collection XS_CONTROLLER_{ADMIN,USER,AUDITOR}). Please make this user a Controller user, assign a Controller role and redo the login."}

but i don't see any roles like XS_CONTROLLER, etc.

is this by design?

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2 Answers

  • Nov 26, 2016 at 07:58 PM

    Hello Gregory,

    first of all it would be great if you could add more information to your question. Just posting an error message w/o making the context clear in which you get that error (e.g. what are you doing; what you wanna reach) makes it hard for the people here to help you.

    But back to your question, trying to formulate an answer for what be can seen in the error message and what you are saying.

    As the message says a "role collection" (not role) is missing. That role collections are XSA specific and are not displayed in the "classic" role list in e.g. HANA Studio. The XS_CONTROLLER_* roles are necesary to interact with the XSA controller. For details I recommend to read the documentation which is always good (Scopes, Attributes and Role Collections). You can assign role collections to a user either in the XSA User Management Application (which can be started from the XSA Admin Tools; on HXE the Admin Tools are accessible at port 51010). Another way to assign role collections to a user is to use the Security module of the HANA Web-based development workbench.


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  • Nov 30, 2016 at 02:17 PM

    to potential moderator:

    did my prior response simply 'vanish' or just got caught in some queue? it would be nice to know the status since it's kinda mine, too and i spent considerable amount of testing to come up with specific response to Florian.

    thx, greg


    i'm going to save this response offline just in case it doesn't get published.

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