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Dec 10, 2018 at 08:21 AM

SAP MII to PCO connection issue


Hello There,

We are trying to configure and connect the SAP PCo in our local PC to SAP MII that is located in the remote server.

We are creating a New Data Server on SAP MII browser with PCo Connector.

We are getting a pop up asking for credentials and it is not clear to us which credentials need to be used.

We have tried with the windows system credentials where PCO is installed but we are facing the below error.

Can you please help us with the issue.


  1. Open port 50050 on local windows system where PCO is installed.
  2. Copy URL from PCO
  3. In SAP MII NetWeaver, Create a New Data Server with PCo Connector.
  4. Enter the PCO URL and click Next
  1. A pop up for Username and Password is opened.

Please note that the SAP MII is on a Remote Server and the URL is directly accessible from the Remote server

Also, when trying to access PCO on our local Machine, it does not ask for any credentials.

Thank you,