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Feb 19, 2010 at 07:55 PM



ESS 6.0 Novell IDM 3.6.1 SAP User Driver

When syncing a password from Novell to SAP ESS I am receiving the following message:

<description>SUSR_USER_CHANGE_PASSWORD_RFC : com.novell.nds.dirxml.driver.sapusershim.BapiException: 'PASSWORD_NOT_ALLOWED' exception while setting password. Password violates Server security policy</description>

The issue I a having is not the failed password. I was testing that by setting the password to "aaaDf1ne" . The issue is that the message is different between Dialog Account and Service Accounts. The message I get with the Service Account is "<description>BAPI_USER_CHANGE : com.novell.nds.dirxml.driver.sapusershim.BapiException: The first three characters of the password must all be different</description>"

My question is can I configure the Dialog Account to receive the same message as the Service Account? I want to trap and log this message.

Thank you,