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Feb 19, 2010 at 09:09 AM

Using a ~DateTime field in a Transaction list - to work out an elapsed even


Hi all. I do hope you Gurus can help me.

the situation is that we have an event table, with event codes...and event times.

say code 100, occurs for a record on Tuesday at 14:00:00...then the next event we are looking to measure the time between event 100...lets call this code 200...occurs on Tuesday at 16:00:00....i need to extract the elapsed time between the time of event 100 and event 200.

In other words the elapsed time of 2:00:00 hours.........

I have created a time event based on code 100 happening...then a time event based on 200 happening...But they cannot subtract 200 from 100 time, to give me the 2:00:00 elapsed hours........

Can any one give me, guide me on the route to solve this one.