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Feb 18, 2010 at 03:36 PM

The right way to run SGEN in MSCS cluster system?


We have a NW7.0 system installed on MSCS cluster with two nodes. We executed SGEN when central instance and database is running on node2 and everything works fine. And we can see when SGEN was running, it was using work processes in both nodes. However, after a while we failover the central instance and database to node1, we experienced some program compiling and some indexes are missing. So the performance in node1 is slow than node2. My question is: Do we need run SGEN again in node1? With the new architecture of NW cluster, there are local instances on both nodes, what is the right way to run SGEN in this architecture?

Any comments and experiecen sharing are appreciated.

Yujun Ran