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Dec 05, 2018 at 04:40 PM

How to create a service notification assigning an specific group code(QMGRP) and code(QMCOD)?


Hi experts,

I have a requirement where I have customized a notification profile “Z001”, assigning to it the notification code, activity schema(for sap is-u, it only accepts the 8 - Activities (QM)), planning plant and etc.

On this notification catalog i have assigned the “Coding” = “8 - Activities (QM)”, since i need that the group code(QMGRP) and code(QMCOD) that I have setted for the profile on the activity schema should be filled on these fields in the service notification creation.

When I try to create the notification executing the method ISUSMNOTIF.CREATEBYNOTIFCODE, filling the NOTIFCODE “Z001” and the PLANNINGPLANT, the field QMGRP and QMCOD remains empty. Only the QMMA field as filled:

Does anyone know how to create a notification with a defined QMGRP and QMCOD on its profile? It doesnt need to be the "8 - Activities (QM)”, it can be any other kind of code for the codification QMGRP and QMCOD.

Is there a standard way to fill this fields automatically when creating an notification by its profile/notifcode?

Thanks in advance!!!


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