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Feb 17, 2010 at 07:23 PM

bbp_extreq_transfer creates shopping carts with the same purchase group


Hi all!!

I'm using plan driven procurement, and the transfer of requisitions from R3 to SRM it's ok, however, the purchase group associated to the shopping cart is allways the same, even if in R3 it's different.

If i create a requisition in R3 with PG 01, in SRM will always appear 03, and i don't know why...

In the ppoma_bbp the purchase group associated to the RFC user is local, at function tab (but it's another different code, different from 03 and 01), and the attribute PM_PUR_GRP its clean.

Do you know what configuration in ppoma_bbp (or other) could be restricting the SRM shopping cart to a purchasing group?

Thank you all in advance.